What makes Amtech, Amtech.
The key differentiators that set us apart from our competitors.

Amtech is Agile, from start to finish. We created our own custom software to improve our process.

Amtech’s Approach
How Competitors Do it
Business-Agile Enterprise Corporate Strucutre
Focus on our customer's voice.
Give the organizor an overarching strategic approach so that we can react to customer and industry requirements or trends. Resources can be allocated dynamically so we are continually focused on customer satisfaction, rather than management layers & beauracracy.
Multi Layer Departmental approach. Silo's, Redundancies, often bureaucratic and slow to react.
A Tech Company
Latest Tech, either procured or developed.
We like to tout our Vapor Phase Reflow, 3D AOI, 3D SPI and Placement Equipment. We are setup to process anything that is thrown at us. If the Tech Doesn't exist we become the thought leaders and create it.
Old Equipment with process limitation that can breakdown or lead to poor quality.
(Custom Enterprise Software)
Repeatability & scalability.
We couldn't find software that fit our appraoch, so we built our own system, we call it AmtechOS. AmtechOS reflects our business process through dynamic workflow and business process management. We are able to iterate quickly and improve our process. This leads to on-demand scaling through repeateable processes, shortened employe onboarding and efficient training.
Purchase ERP Software and change their business to fit the software processes. Gaps in the software and enterprise processes are filled with people and static processes.
Free End of Line Defects Test.
Why pay us to make make sure we did our job?
More and more we find the problem with assemblies is workmanship, not components. Because of that we developed and now offer AmtechDT . AmtechDT can help mitigate potential manufacturing defects.
Expensive Functional or In-Circuit Test Equipment, Test Fixtures and Labor
(Launching Q2 2018)
Instant Quotes & BOM Management.
Cut 2-3 weeks out of your design cycle and ensure the proper informaiton is communicated
Manually, Emails, Spreadsheets, & lots of time
(Custom Automation Platform)
Low Cost Automation, Better Quality.
With our own robotics and automation platform, our team members are quickly trained on how to install, operate and program our them. We can develop new applications on-demand so we can launch new products and scale. We support our own equipment and have control over spare parts.
Capitol equipment is purchased at a high cost. Each equpiment is specialized and connot be re-purposed. Installation, training, programming has a learning curve per equipment. Support and spare parts are controlled by the vendors.
(Production System)
Dynamic, lean, reactive.
We took the principle of agile software development as well as lean and created a pull based scheduling, Just In Time Supply Chain Management, SCRUM based manufacturing, and reduced raw material inventory.
Companies implement lean or agile. It is rare they implement both principles.
(Dyanmic Floor Layout)
Lower Costs
Our shop is on wheels. This allows us to change the floor layout so that the assembly line can be changed to reflect the parts unique routing. This leads to less waste, exposes defects, and encourages efficiency as well as teamwork.
WIP is sometimes shuttled to different areas in the production floor leading to longer production times and waste. Inefficiencies can be hidden in the routing because it is done at different times and places.

Over 20 years in business with 125+ Satisfied Customers.

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