Our goals and vision for the future of our company, our community, and our technology.


Amtech today is constantly evolving. We consistently invest our time & energy into improving our facility, quality systems, customer relations, employee productivity & vendor quality.
Positioning Amtech as a “Game Changer” in the electronic manufacturing space. Amtech is a market leader and forward-thinking company that changes the way electronics are being designed manufactured.
Our mission
To have Amtech become a recognized catalyst in driving innovation and entrepreneurship in the United States of America.
Our Core Values
  • Simplicity – Design all our business practices for ease of use.
  • Inclusion – Building a multicultural and diverse workplace.
  • Integrity – Do things the way they're meant to be done or better without cutting corners.
  • Community – Nurturing our community circles for prosperity and growth.
  • Contribution – Giving back more than we receive.
Our Operating Principles
  • Agile – The ability to pivot at a moments notice.
  • Efficient – Zero tolerance for waste.
  • Customer First – It is all about our customers success.
  • Lean – Manage our resources to drive innovation and progress.
  • Value Driven – Delivering high level of economic value in anything we do.
Our Culture
We hire forward thinking and innovative people. We strongly believe in diversity, and are building a culture that drives innovation and progress. Honoring the human spirit of individuality and the fundamental human commitment to make a difference for ourselves, our stakeholders, our customers, and our communities at large.
Our Audacious Goal
Amtech becomes one of the United States most admired and respected companies. Driving innovation, entrepreneurship, and be a force to be reckoned with by honoring Michigan's long tradition of innovation and progress. We will provide cross-border pricing domestically, and make electronics manufacturing accessible to all.

Over 20 years in business with 125+ Satisfied Customers.

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