The projection of Amtech's eco-system and leadership.


Amtech today is constantly evolving. We consistently invest our time & energy into improving our facility, quality systems, customer relations, employee productivity & vendor quality.
Continue to drive innovation day-in and day-out. Always looking to do things, simpler, smarter and different. Elevating the industry standard of excellence. We will launch our IoT incubator by the end of 2018 which will allow startup companies to enter the market faster and in much more cost effective ways.
Automate, Automate, Automate. We are committed to become the first fully automated and autonomous manufacturing facility in the world within the next 10 years.
Our aggressive leadership mindset is to grow the company 4X with in the next 5 years by positioning Amtech as a company of choice for the Automotive Industry in the United States of America.
Continue to grow our EDM – Electronic Design and Manufacturing network of electronic enthusiasts statewide to drive the United States of America as the leading country in electronics in the IoT space, promoting smart city, life, and home technologies.
Thought Leadership
Turning our 25 years of success and our innovative thinking into a New Standard in Electronic Manufacturing that will be implemented as a new EDM benchmark for excellence worldwide.

Over 20 years in business with 125+ Satisfied Customers.

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