Quality Is Not an Act, It Is a Habit - Aristotle
January 16, 2017
Jay Patel

Everybody talks about quality.  
Everybody wants to showcase quality.
Everybody wants to measure quality.
Everybody really wants to considered of the “highest” quality.

What does that really mean?

Can you measure quality into existence?  Can you inspect quality into your self or product?  

Quality cannot be manufactured.  It has to come from within and spread to every action continuously.  As Aristotle explains, quality is a habit.  So every decision we make it needs to start with our discretion.  We need to ask ourselves is the decision I am making of the highest quality?  Once we practice it, it will become a habit and eventually, everything we do will become of the highest quality.  

Once quality is a habit, it can be showcased, it will be measured and it will become natural. You won’t have to want to build of good quality, it will just happen.

At Amtech we have done just that, we have groomed our culture, systems, processes and people to have quality as a habit.  All this leads to happier customers, more efficiency and profitability.

Live Long, Habitualize Quality.

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