Dear 2017, Thanks to 2016 the Sky's the Limit.
December 28, 2016
Jay Patel

2016 was a great year for Amtech.  So many new challenges, so much maturity, so much growth.  We are grateful for everything in 2016.

We have always experimented with different ways of managing our business.  During the experimentation phase it gets tense, you have to fail, go back to the drawing board, iterate and try again.

In 2016 it all came together.  So what happened?  Here’s a list

  • More With Less - Through our software and people we able to ship more with less manpower

  • Inventory - Significant reduction in Raw, WIP and Finished Goods inventory

  • Quality - Increased First Pass Yields and customer satisfaction

  • Business Development - We landed new customer that could possibly increase our revenue by 50%

  • Free Testing - We developed and launched our free end of line testing

  • Incentive Program - We were able to launch an Employee incentive program tied to overall corporate productivity.

  • Increased capacity - Through lean principle based waste reduction we have increased our capacity without capital investment.

  • Confidence - We know our approach is correct (and will copied soon).

  • Gave Back - We started our Electronics Design, Development and Manufacturing group to provide support to all those looking to develop their own electronics.

2017 watch out, we have just begun building momentum. 
We are going to grow to become a better business, better supplier and better employer.

Over 20 years in business with 125+ Satisfied Customers.

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